Indian Coins - Stats
1 Indian Coins
This site is dedicated to sharing information related to Indian Coins and notes. Main feature of this site is high clarity currency images are available on this site.
Category: Asia | Movement: Neutral
This Week 304
Average 316.9
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Collectors Unleashed - Stats
2 Collectors Unleashed
The largest Collectors Forum and Community on the Internet! We have discussion forums that cover a wide range of collecting related topics.
Category: US | Movement: Neutral
This Week 287
Average 809.5
EuroMoneyWorld - Stats
3 EuroMoneyWorld
All Euro Coins
Category: Europe | Movement: Neutral
This Week 246
Average 293
Zarista monedas Zaristischen Münzen. Pièces commémoratives Ancient Coins - Stats
4 Zarista monedas  Zaristischen Münzen. Pièces commémoratives Ancient Coins
Numismatics - coins, history, anniversary and memorable coins. Imperial Russia and all world.All about coins - New Coins -Old , ancient coins. Collections Coins for Sale and Exchange. .Die Numismatik - die Münzen, die Geschichte, die Jubiläums- und denkwü
Category: Ancient | Movement: Up
This Week 243
Average 308.8
U.S. Coin Collecting - Stats
5 U.S. Coin Collecting
A numismatic community dedicated to you, the collector. Weekly free coin give aways, club medals, live news feeds, and a open chat room for member's. 100% family oriented, and new member's are always welcome, so come join in the fun.
Category: Organizations | Movement: Down
This Week 234
Average 264.7
Ancient Gold Coins - Stats
6 Ancient Gold Coins
Ancient Gold Coins and Ancient Silver Coins from the Persian, Greek, and Roman Empires.
Category: Ancient | Movement: Neutral
This Week 140
Average 168.1
Panda USA - Stats
7 Panda USA
Offers world gold, silver and platinum coins. Features Chinese panda coins and Lunar-Zodiac coins.
Category: Stores | Movement: Down
This Week 105
Average 141.1
World coins collection | Dema Yuriy: photos and prices. - Stats
8 World coins collection | Dema Yuriy: photos and prices.
Great world coins collection - more than 1500 coins from 280 countries: russian, ukrainian... coins.
Category: General | Movement: Neutral
This Week 97
Average 119.8
Modern Precious Coins - Stats
9 Modern Precious Coins
Collection of modern gold and silver commemorative coins from around the world.
Category: General | Movement: Neutral
This Week 58
Average 23.8
Platinum Coins - Stats
10 Platinum Coins
Your reference on world platinum coins.
Category: Reference | Movement: Up
This Week 48
Average 35.9
I-Collect-It - Stats
11 I-Collect-It features high-resolution scans of world coins, banknotes, and notgeld.
Category: General | Movement: Down
This Week 46
Average 55.2
Panda Coins - Stats
12 Panda Coins
A large selection of Chinese panda coins for sale.
Category: Asia | Movement: Neutral
This Week 32
Average 63.2
AJ's Coins & Banknotes collection. - Stats
13 AJ's Coins & Banknotes collection.
A personal website on coins and banknotes collection spanning coins from earlier Indian provinces to modern day Repubilc India. Also includes currency from foreign countries.
Category: General | Movement: Neutral
This Week 18
Average 16.4
UK Britannia Coins - Stats
14 UK Britannia Coins
Welcome to, site dedicated to UK Britannia coins.
Category: Europe | Movement: Up
This Week 13
Average 13
Buying and selling coins in a digital world - Stats
15 Buying and selling coins in a digital world
A full range search of collectible coins and banknotes, from bargain-priced items to rarities and other hard-to-find gems. A free resource for finding and identifying the value of old and modern coins.
Category: Stores | Movement: Down
This Week 13
Average 14.4
Platinum Panda Coins - Stats
16 Platinum Panda Coins
Learn about Chinese platinum panda coins.
Category: Asia | Movement: Down
This Week 10
Average 19.7
Australian Koala Coins - Stats
17 Australian Koala Coins
Site dedicated to Australian Koala Coins.
Category: Europe | Movement: Down
This Week 9
Average 9.6
Coin Topsites - Stats
18 Coin Topsites
Top coin websites on the net.
Category: Directory | Movement: Neutral
This Week 9
Average 14.5
Chinese Coin News - Stats
19 Chinese Coin News
provides the latest Chinese coin news.
Category: Asia | Movement: Neutral
This Week 6
Average 7.9
Link2Coins - Stats
20 Link2Coins
Numismatic resource.
Category: General | Movement: Neutral
This Week 2
Average 3.2
  Title - Description This Week Average Stats
21 Coins of Russia and the world - All about coins!
Category: Europe Neutral
1 0.3 Stats
22 Medieval Coins - This website is specializing in Medieval European Coins.
Category: Ancient Neutral
1 2.7 Stats
23 Hand Painted Coins from around the world - These beautiful hand-painted coins and medallions continue a very old art form of a family of artists. The artist carefully selected each coin and medallion and, choosing from a selection of miniature curved and straight brushes, hand painted every minute
Category: General Neutral
1 5.5 Stats
24 Coin Forum - Your One Stop Coin Collecting Resource: News, Articles, Hot Forum Topics.
Category: General Neutral
0 1 Stats
25 Bayramcoins.Collector XX century. - I have more than 5000 coins all around the world I'm pleased to invite you to my coins collection site.
Category: General Neutral
0 0.4 Stats
26 Coin Collecting sites - Top Coin Collecting sites
Category: Directory Neutral
0 0 Stats
27 U.S. Platinum Eagle Coins - U.S. Platinum Eagle Coins 1997 - now. Mintages & Auctions.
Category: US Neutral
0 0 Stats
28 Chinese Coins - Chinese coins, Chinese coin news and articles.
Category: Asia Neutral
0 0.1 Stats
29 Animal Coins - Offers world precious metal coins featuring all kinds of animals.
Category: General Neutral
0 1 Stats
30 Boleyn House, British Silver Britannia Coins - The Boleyn House site is dedicated to the British Silver Britannia Bullion Coin, Silver Britannia's.
Category: Europe Neutral
0 1.7 Stats
31 Your Site Here
32 Your Site Here
33 Your Site Here
34 Your Site Here
35 Your Site Here
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